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Legal Services

Dr. Clay J. Cockerell has served as an expert witness for many medical cases throughout his career.  His legal expertise is primarily related to dermatology and dermatopathology cases, although he has opined about other medical issues. While most of Dr. Cockerell's work is focused on the defense of physicians, he has taken on cases when there has been an egregious breach of the standard of care to provide some balance to his work.  Dr. Cockerell has offered expert testimony that has led to the non-suiting or settling of cases.  Also, he has given numerous depositions and provided live courtroom testimony in many instances.

To improve his skills as a medical expert, Dr. Cockerell is currently enrolled in law school and will obtain his JD degree in January 2023. He is uniquely qualified as he has vast medical experience and legal training. 

Contact us for additional information about Dr. Cockerell's legal expertise.

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