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Additional Resources

Below are links to Cockerell Dermatopathology’s resources, including brochures, requisitions, and other helpful information. We have also included links to some dermatology & dermatopathology societies for quick reference. If you are looking for any other information or if you have any questions regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Dermatopathology Brochure >>

Consultation Brochure >>

Podiatric Brochure >>

Requisition for Dermatopathology >>

Requisition for Technical Preparation >>

Requisition for Consultation >>

Client Resource Guide >>

CLIA License >>

Formalin MSDS >>

Did You Know:  Get the most out of your Mod Med (EMA) interface >>


Did You Know:  Improve office efficiencies with HIPAA-compliant diagnostic texting >>


Did You Know:  Combating high deductible plans with CDP65 >>

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