Podiatric Services

Cockerell Dermatopathology offers diagnostic excellence and unparalleled service in the evaluation of podiatric disorders.

Our podiatric services offering includes the following:

  • Diagnostic services encompassing podiatric related disease states such as nail, bone, skin and soft tissue disorders

  • Nail bed, matrix and biopsy interpretations available for tumors and inflammatory skin disorders

  • Diagnosis of onychomycosis using rapid PAS stain with professional interpretation to diagnose mycotic and non-mycotic causes of nail unit dystrophy

  • Fungal growth analysis via DTM agar for tinea infections such as onychomycosis, capitis and corporis

  • Peer-to-peer consultative discussions for any cases of concern and treatment recommendations available upon request

  • Daily internal diagnostic conferences with multiple dermatopathologists reviewing each difficult case

  • Streamlined requisition to simplify ordering process

  • In-network health insurance status that ensures a patient-friendly billing experience

  • Professional courier network for specimen pickup, as well as air-courier service for overnight delivery of specimens

  • Report delivery typically within 24-48 hours via internet results portal, courier, and fax; time-sensitive diagnosis available via telephonic reporting


We would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss ways we can partner to exceed the needs of your practice.