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Why Cockerell Dermatopathology? (Video)

Hello, I’m Dr. Clay Cockerell and I am a dermatologist and a dermatopathologist.  I am here today to speak to you about Cockerell Dermatopathology (CDP) and our patient-centric approach to providing an outstanding dermatopathology service.

Why CDP?  Well, we are all about Diagnostic Excellence.  That is something we have been focused on for many years and we are also focused on improving office efficiencies and providing what we think is really an amazing patient experience.  One of our goals, if we interact with a patient, we want them to come away from that interaction feeling better than before they called us; even if it’s about a bill.    We are also dedicated to continuing education and I am going to touch on the fact that we are really all about family around here.  We provide world-class diagnoses in a timely manner.  It’s our goal to get those diagnoses out the door to your patients as quickly as we possibly can with the most accurate diagnosis we can possibly render.  We have daily discussions and consensus with other dermatopathologists.  We are accessible by phone, email, and text.  We are also dedicated to rendering diagnoses without running up the bill.  We have a low stain rate that I will talk about in a moment as well. 


Our services are designed to seamlessly blend into the workflow of your practice and we do this by providing a fully functional interface with your EMR.  We receive requisitions and submit reports and put them into your medical records.  We accept a very high percentage of in-network health plans.  This eliminates you having to figure out which laboratory to send your specimens to basically you can send it to us and we will be able to take care of the vast majority of the cases.  We have a highly trained client services department which answers every telephone call personally.  I personally do not like frustrating automated phone systems and I am sure you do not either.  We also have onsite marketing representatives that can train your staff about best practices that will save you time and frustration.  One distinguishing feature of CDP is our ultra-low stain rate and we are proud of this.  Stains are expensive and keeping the number of these stains low means less expense to your patients compared to other laboratories.  We also have a highly trained in-house billing team that handles your patient’s questions with the utmost respect.  We have patient education brochures designed to support your treatment decisions and explain who we are and why they might receive a bill from us.  We provide educational opportunities for all clinicians that are dedicated to treating skin, hair, and nail disorders, both onsite and online.  We have residents, fellows, PAs, NPs, office staff, and of course other colleague dermatologists and dermatopathologists that rotate with us in our practice.  We also host the annual Practical Symposium in Vail, CO.  It’s a CME offered event that has comprehensive sessions on dermatology, clinicopathologic correlation, and business topics.  You can learn more at

Finally, it’s all about family.  During a recent company retreat, all of our employees contributed towards developing our practice vision and mission statement.  After hours of lively debate, we boiled our mission statement down to a single word and sentence.  FAMILY, we treat every specimen as if it came from one of our own family members.


We would be honored to have you join the CDP family.


Thank you very much.


To learn more about joining the Cockerell Dermatopathology family, visit or contact us at 800-309-0000.

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